01. Vitalité Nutrition

Vitalité is a nutrition business that was founded by two friends. Having practiced across Canada for over two decades, Mark and Bastién wanted to launch their own new service, catering to the needs of real people with diverse challenges. 

I was tasked with developing a new identity for Vitalité, which embodied a love for humanity, an optimistic embrace of the future and an emphasis on empathy as its cornerstone. Together, we built a system that is dynamic, modern, simple enough to reproduce on a paper towel and stable so as to not lose it's relevance over a few trend cycles.

At the heart of the system is a mark that is rooted in geometric simplicity, yet has a touch of humanity. It is complemented by type set in Mori Sans, an elegant workhorse Sans face, inspired by contemporary Japanese design. 

Visual identity, motion design, editorial design

Font credits
PangramPangram, ITF, Paul Troppmar


Aby Abraham

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